Bareback Sex Lust Angel

ToC Bareback Sex Credo

We affirm gloryhole fucking, bathhouse breeding, dive motel room gang bangs, orgies, back alley bareback sex tricks, park restroom quickies. We affirm every shadowy place and every lusty instance of fearless, unrepentant, unrestrained Barebacking. Wherever and whenever The Seed is spread, there is The Temple of Cum.

About The Temple of Cum

Welcome to the Temple of Cum … the ultimate online destination men addicted to Cock, Cum and Bareback Sex!

This site is not for the timid or tame. It’s about the unrepentant and fearless embrace of pleasure. And for us there is no higher or more empowering pleasure for men than spreading The Seed through hot, nasty, fearless Bareback sex.

The Temple of Cum is utterly unique because, for us, the adoration of Cock, Cum and Bareback sex isn’t simply a fetish … it’s a way of life. Here we walk the Left Hand Path of Primordial Lust, boldly, and without regret.

We’re also proud to be the official home of the “Cum Challenge” … Where you can actually earn Achievements and recognition for having Bareback sex and being the wanton Cumdumpster or Slut-Top you’re meant to be!

Create Groups, find local men into Bareback sex, organize ritual orgies, swap condoms, learn stealthing techniques, share your slutty stories, take our Nasty Quizzes, spread The Seed, and have deliciously wicked fun. The Temple of Cum is all about you!

So have you heard The Call of Primordial Lust? Are you ready to be a True devotee of Bareback sex, wonton Cum sluttery, and spreading The Seed far and wide? Then, if you’re at least 18 years old, sign up to the Left of the page.*


*By registering with this website you acknowledge that you have read and agree with our Terms of Service and that you are at least 18 years of ageThis site is for “entertainment purposes” only. You are responsible for knowing the difference between fantasy and reality!

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